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Sembuwaththa Lake – One of the Beautiful Lake in Sri Lanka

Welcome to Sembuwaththa Lake

Welcome to Sembuwaththa Lake

Sembuwaththa lake is one of the fantastic and tourist attraction area, situated at Elkaduwa in the Matale District, Sri Lanka. Sembuwaththa Lake and Leisure Park are designed in a way to provide a fantastic holiday destination with lots of leisure activities and facilities for visitors. It is situated about 25 Km away from the Matale district and 30 km away from Kandy. Also, it closed to the Campbell’s Lane Forest Reserve.

Sembuwaththa lake is a human-made lake created from natural spring water. It situated in the middle of sprawling tea plantations, and hills surround the lake. The pines and tea plants which makes the whole area an excellent place. Also, the cold atmosphere makes a feeling as if we are in Nuwara Eliya. Currently, the lake belongs to Elkaduwa Plantations Ltd. 

Sembuwaththa Lake

Beside the lake, there is a swimming pool with natural spring water. Also, it is about 5 feet deep so anyone can bathe in it. The water in the swimming pool is immaculate because it continuously replaces. Sembuwatta Lake is to be 9 m (30 ft) to 12 m (39 ft) deep. On the way to the lake, we can see the pipelines which use to generate electricity to run the factory.

We prefer you to bring some food items when you travel to this place because there is a lack of shops in this area. There is a special requirement to buy tickets for every person, before entering to the Sembuwaththa lake while tickets for activities sold separately.

Sembuwaththa History

Sembuwaththa Lake

The history of this magnificent lake goes into the Colonial period in Sri Lanka; the British people started to cultivate tea in this area. Also, they used this place as a polo stadium. After that this beautiful lake had built by British planters to get hydroelectricity power for the tea factory.

Sembuwaththa Lake

According to the legend, a gold mug has emerged from the water source near the tea factory. Also, one person who worked in the plantation had fled to India with this gold mug. After that, his son has built a Kovil near the water source located. Visitors can still see the ruins of the kovil and the name of the “Sembuwaththa” derived from this story.


Since 2005, the surrounding area of Sembuwaththa lake has started to develop and maintain properly. A large number of summer houses and pool have built to make tourist attraction around the lake. There is also a resort for the night and a separate area for children to play. The visitors can also reserve a night in this beautiful place. The lake has now become a major tourist attraction that brings in patrons from around the country and the world.

Sembuwatta Location

Sembuwatta Location

When we start our journey to go to this hidden heaven, we can find two routes. One of them is from Kandy; the way goes to Kandy to Wattegama via Katugasthota and Madawala, we have to take the Matale road.  Then we can reach Elkaduwa route on our right side. From Elkaduwa, travel only 2-3 km along Hungala road to Sembuwaththe Estate.

Another one is when we travel from Matale we have to take the Elkaduwa road on the left side. Then we have to reach the Elkaduwa junction. From Elkaduwa, you have to take the Hunugala road. After travelling 2 – 3 km, we can reach to the Sembuwaththa Lake. The way from Elkaduwa to Sembuaththa Lake is narrow and too many bends. The road is not in perfect condition but can reach by vehicles.

Leisure Activities

There are lots of leisure activities you can enjoy with your loved ones.

  • There is a package for travellers who are interested in camping overnight at this location, including security guard/cook and other necessary equipment. The travellers can get fantastic and adventurous spending at night in a hut with the cool breeze of the lake.
  • We cannot get the boat ride experience on a lake at a similar location anywhere in the country. Sembuwaththa Lake is only one spot can get which kind of experience. During the boat ride safari, the traveller can get many more experience such as Pines forest, tea estates, misty mountains and birdlife.
Sembuwaththa Lake
  • Trekking through a Pines forest is a fantastic setting for an adventure trekking. This Pines forest is a paradise for nature lovers and filmmakers.
Sembuwaththa Lake
  • We can always have a little picnic on the bund, walk around the entire lake and taking in the fresh air. There are plenty of opportunities for bird lovers. When we go through the tea plantations and pines forest, we will observe many varieties of birds and listen to beautiful birds singing on the treetops on the way.
  • Elkaduwa tea estate is an opportunity for the people who love to explore the tea culture to get the experience related to tea processing.
  • There are some relaxing huts for travellers to eat a meal, watch the sunset and it helps them to enjoy the real beauty of Sembuwaththa Lake.
  • The children can play the whole day in the children’s play area, which is near the swimming pool.
  • The Visitors can stay their night at a plantation bungalow within walking distance from the Sembuwatta lake with modern facilities. This bungalow is having family rooms and double rooms. The cooking facility is also available here.
  • This picturesque location is the perfect place for shooting films, telegrams and advertisements also some relaxation place. If you favor taking excellent photographs, Sembuwaththa lake is an ideal place which is having a pleasant environment.

The area is quite pleasant for an enjoyable one-day trip with loved ones.

Sembuwatta Ticket Price

  • Ticket Price for Locals : 200 LKR
  • Ticket Price for Foreigners: 1,000 LKRS

Sembuwaththa Lake Opening Hours

Opening Hours : 08:00 AM – 05: 00 PM

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Sembuwaththa Lake


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