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Lipton’s Seat – One of the Glorious Tea Plantation in Sri Lanka

Welcome to Lipton’s Seat

Lipton's Seat

If you’re looking for relaxation, with fresh air, green plains and the mountain range, Lipton’s Seat is one of the best place located in Haputale, Sri Lanka. Lipton’s Seat is one of the best viewpoints in Sri Lanka. It is wonderful. If you are in interested photography, this is a place for a switch on your cameras. This pretty magical place is one of the best places to watch the sunrise and sunset.

There is a fantastic view of 7 provinces and two seas, including the Uva, Southern, Sabaragamuwa, Central and Eastern province. Also on a clear day, you have an opportunity to see as far as Badulla, Matara, Rathnapura, Trincomalee, Batticaloa and Monaragala districts. Even it shows the views of the lighthouse of Matara, Devinuwara, Batticaloa and Kirinda. In addition to that, there are other sights. Such as Southern coast, Wedihitikanda Mountains, Hambanthota harbour, Udawalawa Lake, Handapanagala Lake and  Chandrika Lake. Also, there are few other attractions along the way to Lipton’s Seat, including Catherine’s Seat and Lemathota waterfall. Lipton’s Seat visit is an excellent, inspiring experience which you can get during your lifetime.

Lipton's Seat Haputale

Catherine’s Seat provides an excellent view of Bandarawela, Diyatalawa and the Uva valley, which locates in Nayabedda estate. Lemathota waterfall lies on the Dambatenna route.

The misty day creates a magical view to visitors to be amongst the clouds. But we advise you to be at the point at least 7:00 am since the mist starts to settle at 8:00 am. It is one of the ideal place and budget-friendly place where you can go to take relaxation. The unique thing is that the weather in the Hill Country is prone to change and don’t forget to take some warm clothing.

Lipton’s Seat History

In the late 1800s, The Scottish tea mogul Sir Thomas Lipton saw an opportunity in Lipton Seat to start tea plantations in Sri Lanka. His tea brand was Lipton Ceylonta, and they produced them, marketed and exported around the world.  Lipton’s Seat is a place where Sir Thomas Lipton had used to get relaxed.

Lipton's Seat  - Sir Thomas Lipton

The name of the “Lipton’s Seat” derived because of there is a statue of Sir Thomas Lipton who sat down with a cup with his hand and looking over the surrounding area.

Lipton’s Seat Location

 Lipton's Seat Location

It is not hard to go to Lipton’s Seat.  If you can go by bus from Haputale, it will take an hour. You can get down from Dambatenne tea factory, and in here you have an opportunity to visit the tea factory. From there you have to walk up about 7km to the top between gleaming tea plants. It will be a beautiful walk, and on the way, you can see that there are lots of tea workers plucking tea.

Dambatenne Tea Factory

Dambatenne Tea Factory

Dambatenne tea factory visit is one of the most common things which visitors do during Lipton’s Seat visit. At this factory tour, you have to chance to get to know about everything about tea and tea production. After finishing the visit, you have a chance to buy rare tea products. But those are very expensive. You need to pay a small touring fee to enter to the tea factory. It will take around 30 minutes to visit the factory. However, you cannot take photographs inside the tea factory.

Dambatenne Tea Factory

Best Time to Visit Lipton’s Seat

We highly recommend that the morning is the best time to visit this fantastic site. The viewpoint is beautiful at sunrise.  But you can visit there at any time of the day. However, from April to October, the surrounding area of Lipton’s Seat is filled with midday fog. That can be disturbed by your view. Also, this fog can occur in the morning of other months.

Lipton's Seat

Do not visit on Sundays, if you want to see the tea pluckers.  Also, there is no tea production in the tea factory on Mondays.

Direction to Lipton’s Seat – Haputale

You can visit Lipton’s Seat through two main towns. They are Haputale and Ella.

From Haputale

Haputale is a closer town to go Lipton’s Seat. There are a lot of tour options which you can select from Haputale to Lipton’s Seat.

  • By Tour – There is an excellent tour experience in fair price, including breakfast at Lipton Seat. You can have a chance to book a tour before going there.
  • By Tuk-tuk – The cost for a return trip in a tuk-tuk from Haputale is lying between a reasonable range. It will take about 30 minutes. It includes the waiting for you at Lipton Seat and Dambatenne tea factory.
  • By Bus – You can also take a bus to go Lipton’s Seat from Haputale, and it will take an hour to reach the viewpoint because you must change buses at Dambatenne. The bus only drops you at the entrance gate. From there, you have to walk about 1.5km to reach the viewpoint. I think that the bus also doesn’t run until sunrise. But I don’t know the exact time of the bus.  However, travelling by bus is a cost-effective way, and you can have beautiful scenery of surrounding areas.
  • Mix up plan – You can use the mix-up plan for your journey with buses and tuk-tuks. If you want, you can get a tuk-tuk to Lipton’s Seat and then walk to the tea factory and get the bus to come back.
 Lipton's Seat Location

From Ella

Ella town is one of the most beautiful cities in Sri Lanka. So many people plan to visit Lipton’s Seat from here because Ella is an excellent choice of tourists. It will take around an hour’s drive from Ella to reach Lipton’s Seat. However, there are many tour options which you can select from Ella to Lipton’s Seat.

  • By Tour – There is so much to do when you use Tour option. Also, there are lots of tours that run from Ella to Lipton’s Seat. Some of them have included breakfast, English speaking guide and transportation.
  • By Tuk-tuk – The cost of a return trip will vary based on the touristic nature of Ella. However, you have to pay a fair rate
  • By Bus – You can get a bus from Ella. You have to catch the bus to Bandarawela and then switch buses to Dambatenne. It will take around an hour.
  • By Train – You can also take the train to Haputale. but this is a very time-consuming method.
 Lipton's Seat Location

Lipton’s Seat Entrance Fees

  • The entrance fee per one person to visit Lipton’s Seat is 100 rupees. If you plan to drive your car or go by tuk-tuk, another 50 rupees’ charge to take vehicles.
  • There is a small restaurant at the viewpoint. In that restaurant, you can purchase foods and beverage to a fair price. Also, there is friendly staff at this restaurant and toilet facilities are also available there.

Lipton’s Seat Hotels

If you are visiting Lipton’s Seat thought, Ella, you can find impressive accommodation facilities with lovely views available in the surrounding area.

 Lipton's Seat Location

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