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Ella, Sri Lanka – Playful Hiking to Ella Rock

Welcome to Ella Sri Lanka

Ella, Sri Lanka

Ella is a small town in Badulla surrounded by tea plantations, cloud forests, and misty hills, Sri Lanka.  It is approximately 200 km east of Colombo.  Ella Sri Lanka is rich in bio-diversity zone with various kinds of flora and fauna. You can have a better cooling experience with a cooling environment there.

It will take approximately 4-5 hours to climb up and getting down. Yes, you will think that it is a long journey. But it will be a marvellous journey for you with a breathtaking environment.

Direction to Ella Sri Lanka

Ella  map

It locates on the part of Colombo-Badulla road, A16 highway (Beragala-Hali Ela). You can visit there by train, because the railway station is situated about 271 km away from Colombo. So, you can select the transportation method as you wish to go there.

You can reach there by train from Colombo and Kandy. You can check the time table to select the train. Also, there are so many bus routes are available.

Ella Railway Station

If you are starting to go from railway station, you can enjoy the walk on the railway. I think that you do not need any guide here. You can walk along the railway and have turn left. Go to the end of the platform. Then you can continue your walking on down the railway for a few kilometres.

Trains come every few hours. So, be careful when you walk. Then you will have to go across a waterfall by a small bridge and pass a tea estate. After a few steps, you can start your climbing by following a clear footpath to Ella rock. You never hard to climb because of the breathtaking view of the surrounding area motivates you to climb.

Things to Do in Ella Sri Lanka

Ella in Sri Lanka is a beautiful town surrounded by the beautiful greens of tea. There are a lot of things to do there.

Take Train Rides

Nine Arch Bridge – Demodara

You can have an experience of the most beautiful train rides from Nuwara-Eliya to Ella. It will be a lovely journey with green surroundings.

Hike to Ella Rock

Ella Rock

Ella rock is a perfect place that you can take a breathtaking view.  You can see the Rock as a proud lion alone on the top. You can see this Rock from anywhere in Ella.

It is laying his eyes on the Nine Arch Bridge, Diyaluma waterfall (the second highest waterfall in Sri Lanka), and the surrounded tea plantations. Also, you can find your favorite adventures at this place. I think this place is a charming and relaxing area to stay during your vacations. You will have a better experience while hiking.  We visited there at the end of the monsoon season. We have a chance to stay in a green environment.

Ella Rock

If you love to stay on vacation in a green environment, Ella is a suitable place to visit. Ella Rock is one of the best examples for proving that. If you are love hiking, Ella Rock is a place to take this experience with mist and clouds covering the area. It will take 2 hours to hike from bottom to top. You can select a guide as you wish. If not, you can do your hiking alone. The route is a little bit complicated. So, make sure to ask the correct direction from someone you trust.

Direction to Ella Rock

You can start your hiking at railway station and also finish the hiking at railway station. The distance of the trip will be approximately 10km. Also, it will take about 3-4 hours.

Ella Railway Station

Start at Ella railway station. Once you enter the station, you can walk along with the platform. At the end of the platform, turn left and step down onto the tracks and walk on from there. Don’t worry about the signboards. No one will stop you.

You can walk along railway

You can walk along the railway tracks. It will take approximately 40 minutes. Finally, you will arrive at Kithalella railway station. Pass the station and keep walking along the railway tracks. Go ahead 5-10 minutes. Then you will see a rock marked with a blue arrow and a label of Ella Rock. At this junction, turn into left. The blue marks show the route.

You can walk along the road and cross the footbridge. You will come to a fork in the way. Then turn to the left path to go up to the tea plantation. After that, you will pass some long grass lank. Keep going straight on the way. After the grassland will open the way right. It will lead you to the interim viewpoint on the way to Rock.

Ella rock

The way from the interim viewpoint to Ella rock is straightforward.  But keep in mind there is a steep path. Finally, you will reach the top of the rock. Take your time to enjoy yourself there.

On the way down, you may take an alternative route as you wish. Go back to the interim viewpoint and go in the opposite direction of the path.

Ella Rock

On rainy days, it can be slippery and muddy.  So, we recommend you wearing sensible shoes. Wear something suitable for hiking. Ensure to bring plenty of water and snacks as well as an insect repellent. Keep in mind, the leeches attack there.

Climb up Little Adam Peak

Little Adam Peak is about 1 141m high pyramidal shape hill located to the south-east of the Ella town.

On the top of the Little Adam peak, you can enjoy the view over the surrounding area with relaxing your travelers. It will take 45 minutes to go on foot of the mountain from Ella rock and 15 minutes to the top.

Little Adam Peak

 The first 45 minutes are very pleasing as well when you pass a local village and tea plantations.

Getting a quieter spot is possible when you walk down and up (5 minutes) to the next hill. There is no actual path. But you can get there with a bit of hiking. On your way back, stop at 98 Acres Resort for a coffee or tea with a view.

To Visit Dhowa Temple

Dhowa Temple
Dhowa Temple
Dhowa Temple

Dhowa temple is 2000 years old rock temple situated on Badulla-Bandarawela Road. There is an unfinished Buddha statue and carved rock around the temple.

Dhowa Temple

Join for cooking at Ella Spice Garden

Ella is the best place to learn about the ingredients and learn about Sri Lankan delicious food. Don’t forget to book in advance in Spice Garden before you go there.

Get a shower at Ravana falls

ravana falls

Ravana falls is one of the widest waterfalls in Sri Lanka.  It is 25 m high and located approximately 6 km away from Ella town. This waterfall cascaded from an oval-shaped concave rock outcrop.

During the wet season, the waterfall turns to show its beauty. But in the dry season, it is different. It is a part of the Ravana falls Wildlife Sanctuary. It locates 6 km away from the Ella railway station.

See the Ravana Cave

ravana caves

The Ravana cave is a popular tourist attraction, located 11 km away from Bandarawela town. According to legend, King Ravana had kidnapped princess Sitha and hide in the caves behind this Ravana waterfall.

ravana ella ticket
ravana cave ticket

Swim at Diyaluma Falls

Diyaluma Falls is 220 m high. It is the second-highest waterfall in Sri Lanka. Diyaluma fall is situated 6 km away from Koslanda on the Colombo-Badulla highway. Diyaluma Falls create from Punagala Oya (a tributary of Kirindi Oya).

Diyaluma Falls

Once you have toured the foot, again you have to drive 30 minutes more to the top to see many natural pools on different levels.

Walk along the rails on the Nine Arch Bridge – Demodara

Nine Arch Bridge – Demodara

The Nine Arches Bridge is one of the picturesque locations of Sri Lanka and one of the most popular tourist places to visit in Ella. It is 30m high and located between Ella and Damodara Station. During World War 1, the British have stopped the construction of this bridge due to a lack of raw materials. However, the local peoples constructed it using bricks and stone.

Nine Arch Bridge – Demodara

It locates in a little village with tea plantations surrounding it. The most loved tourist attraction of this place is to watch the trains pass through this bridge.

Nine Arch Bridge – Demodara

This world-famous bridge is located outside of Ella Town and on the way to Little Adam’s Peak. Within a 30-minute walk, you will reach this beautiful architectural bridge. There is no entry fee. The Nine Arch Bridge is open to visitors during the whole day. However, early sunrise is the best time to visit. You can drink a cup of tea and wait for the train to pass.

Tea Field Views at Lipton’s Seat

Lipton’s Seat

Tour to Lipton’s Seat in Haputale is a beautiful trip from Ella. In the morning you can catch a train to Haputale. Once you reach the station, get a tuk-tuk to this marvelous world.

Lipton’s Seat

Visit to Adisham Bungalow

Adisham Bungalow

Best Time to visit Ella

You can have a perfect experience with warm days and cool nights at Ella. You cannot see the green environment without rainy days. So, the ideal time to visit Ella is from January until May.

Ella, Sri Lanka

When you are planning your Ella Rock hike, early in the morning is better.

Ella Hotels

It is a rich place with Sinhalese and Tamil culture. You can meet people with plentiful culture. We took a chance to stay with the villagers during our journey. So, we got that experience at Ella as well as Ella Rock.

Also, there are lots of hotels and guesthouses close around the Ella. Also, there are some special offers from time to time. If you prefer to find accommodation close to Ella, you can use booking websites to find the best hotels as you wish.

We kindly request

Ella and other surrounding areas are popular among many people because of their Ecological value and calm environment. So, as responsible visitors, please be kind enough to protect the area.

 Please make sure to bring again all the things which you use there. Don’t throw them here and there and can dispose of them in an appropriate place. As a result, we can be happy when we visit next time.


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