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Adisham Bungalow Haputale, Sri Lanka Unique Features of British Architecture

Welcome to Adisham Bungalow

Adisham Bungalow Entrance

Adisham Bungalow or Adisham Hall is an attraction not to miss in Sri Lanka. It is a gorgeous house close to Haputale, Sri Lanka. Now, it is the Adisham monastery house of Saint Benedict. There is a relic of St. Sylvester in the chapel. When you enter Adisham Bungalow, you would imagine this is an English manor would have. You can find Adisham Bungalow around 3km away from Haputale, Sri Lanka. Adisham Bungalow is one of the most picturesque locations in the Haputale area.

Adisham Bungalow

The building and garden Spread out across 10 acres of land and formed a part of the forest reserve. There are beautiful tea estates and Hindu Kovils near the Adisham bungalow. There is a eucalyptus forest upside of the Adisham and railway between Haputale to Idalgashinna, at the downside the Adisham bungalow. Adisham bungalow is in the peaceful site at Haputale, surrounded by a beautiful forest called Tangamalai. The road of the Adisham is an easy way to reach the hills and valleys. On a clear day, you can see Piduruthalagala, Namunukula, Totapolakanda, Uda Pussellawa, Diyatalawa Army Camp, Hakgala, and numerous other mountains ranges out for miles on end.

Adishm Bungalow Haputale

Well-preserved lawns, evergreens, beautiful flower beds, vast trees add beauty to the garden. Most of the visitors hope to take admission to enter the Adisham bungalow while the gates are open.  You can study more detail of Sir Thomas Villiers’ memories. You can have a better understanding of his childhood and his life. While the architecture and library are more important, you can only see a small portion of the bungalow.

The other part is the monastery.  The library, the fireplace is remaining like the rest of the house. Also, you can see Twenty-five oil and water-colors paintings created by Mrs.Adisham regarding the marine subjects that have been adorning in the Adisham bungalow. Moreover, there are sixteen priceless paintings displayed there. Also, there is a guide to explain and give a tour for you.

Adisham Bungalow Statue

There is a small shop selling a variety of fresh foods. The building which they use was once the stables in the years ago. You can easily buy such kinds of homemade jams, coffee, liqueurs, and pickles. If you need a rest, you can get into this shop and have a refreshing juice. It tastes is marvelous. If you visit this beautiful place, don’t forget to buy some organic products made in Adisham.

History of Adisham Bungalow

The history of the Adisham Bungalow is going back to 1931. In 1931, Sir Thomas Villiers (an English aristocrat, planter, and former Chairman of George Steuart Corporations) constructed the Adisham bungalow. He used the name of the village (Adisham) where he was born for his house.  Tudor and Jacobean styles use to design this bungalow.  It was fashioned Leeds Castle in Kent. Adisham was the dream house of Sir Thomas Villiers.

Adisham Bungalow

Until the retirement of Sir Thomas, Adisham hall used to host prominent persons in the society. After the Sir Thomas era, in 1949, it sold to Sedawatte Mills. Subsequently, it converted to a monastery in 1961, after the purchase by the Roman Catholic Church. After that, the name changed to the Roman Catholic Church. Currently, the bungalow preserves with its furniture and fittings. It is a famous tourist attraction in Sri Lanka.

The Beauty of the Adisham Bungalow

Adisham Bungalow

The sprawling lawns, misty mountain range, blossoming gardens, birds’ sanctuary, and a thick forest cover are the main tourist attractions at Adisham bungalow. You can see the fruit trees and the various kinds of beautiful birds and butterflies in the garden.   If you are a nature lover, the Adisham Bungalow and the surrounding area will delight you. Adisham is one of the ideal places to enjoy during your holiday.

Beauty of Adisham Bungalow

Also, Well-cultivated flower gardens, Burma teak roofing cover, antique furniture, and a well-organized bungalow are other tourist attractions at Adisham Bungalow. Adisham St. Benedict’s Monastery extends to 12 acres of land with forty rooms. As a Visitor, you can enjoy the scenic beauty around the Adisham garden with lovely flowerbeds like beautiful Roses and Orchids. On the upper side of the bungalow, you can see that a forest and a bird sanctuary.

Old English Architecture

Adisham Monastery

You will feel that you are in a rock fortress, surrounded by undulating hills when you enter Adisham. The entire building was created breathtakingly and providing a panoramic view of the picturesque Uva valley. The roof of the bungalow made using small wood. Those are well-treated for weather conditions.

The Tudor style used to design this house. Also, you can see the long, narrow turret windows and chimneys. They have used flat Burma Teak for covering the roof.  Windows, doors, floors, and staircase were also of Burma teak. The staircase is like the staircase at Buckingham Palace, England.

Adisham Bungalow Rooms

There are fireplaces in the spacious rooms to keep the inhabitants warm. Also, you can see that the wind turbines, fixed on the roof. It generates amazingly heating the room. You can see that the stopped ticking regency clock. It adds beauty to the bungalow.

You can see that there are many rooms in the bungalow. The Blue room, the Horse Shoe Room, and the rooms occupied by Sir Thomas Villiers and Lady Villiers created more beautifully. Sir Thomas Villiers has imported carpets, glassware, silver, porcelain, and furniture from England.

Edison Bungalow

You can visit the drawing-room preserved for many years. Other than that, the Dutch marquetry card table and the Georgian gate-legged table enhance the beauty and the majesty of this antique bungalow.

Excellent Library at Adisham

At the Adisham Bungalow, you can have the best chance to see a notable library which furnished with excellent old priced books from floor to ceiling. It is another treasure of Adisham because some of the books are over 500 years old. Lots of books on various subjects carefully conserve in the cupboards.

Marvelous Orchards at Adisham

You can see marvelous Orchards maintained in the surrounding of Adisham bungalow. Some villagers come to work there. They have cultivated vegetables as well as oranges, strawberries, and guavas.

Adisham Bungalow Orchards

They manufacture jam, cordial, chutney, jelly, syrups, and sauces using those fruits. There is ginger, mango, mixed fruit, passion and pineapple cordials, orange marmalade, peach, wood apple, strawberry, pineapple, tomato and mango jams, ambarella and mango chutney, Nelli, peach and mango syrup, and guava jelly at the small shop at Adisham. You can buy all of these products at the Adisham bungalow shop and another outlet on the way to Bandarawela. Also, those products are available at the Sacred Heart Church in Rajagiriya, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

We talked with priests who manage Adisham. They said that the income generated from selling those products use to maintain the monastery.

Unique features at Adisham

The Water System

The water system is one of the unique features. The water is pumping from the hill. It sends through pipes from the boiler room to the upper floors of the bungalow. They have so organized this process without using a single motor.

Wind Turbines

Another unique feature is the Wind Turbines. The cold wind is sent through down to the fireplaces and makes heat up a whole room.

Not only the above, I think that everything is practically unique at Adisham Bungalow. So, you are warmly welcome to Adisham bungalow, Haputhale.

How to Go to Adisham Bungalow

Adisham Bungalow is situated approximately 5 km away from the Haputale town at Haputhale-Boralanda road. You can reach there a 2-hour drive from Nuwara Eliya town. You can take a three-wheeler from Haputale town to the monastery or ride your vehicle to go there. If you go by bus, you have to walk 1 km. Walking is also the best option to visit this bungalow.

Adisham Bungalow Haputale

Adisham Bungalow Opening Hours

The Adisham Bungalow is open for the public only on weekends, school holidays, and public holidays (excluding Good Friday and Christmas) from 09:00 am to 04:00 pm.

Adisham Bungalow

We were there before 09:00 am. Because, when we go there the main gate was closed. We highly recommended you to go there at least five minutes before 09:00 am. to take the experience of the calm atmosphere in Adisham. It gets very crowded later in the afternoon. If you plan to spend a holiday there, we advise booking a room on weekdays.

Adisham Bungalow Ticket Price

 You have to buy a ticket to enter this place. The charges will be updated from time to time. Please refer to the Adisham website for updated fees.

Local Visitors      Rs. 50.00

Kids                      Rs. 25.00

Foreigners          Rs. 150.00

Per head for a day with meals     Rs. 3000.00

Per head for a day with meals – children Rs. 1500.00

You have to pay additional Rs. 700.00 for your vehicle.

Adisham Bungalow

Places close to Adisham Bungalow

Lipton’s Seat

Lipton’s Seat is another tourist attraction close to Adisham. To visit there, you shall turn off from the Haputale junction by the trishaw stand in town. It will take half an hour to drive. You can see that there are mountain terrain and some bends. The view is similar to World’s End in Horton Plains.

Diyaluma Waterfall

Diyaluma Falls is the second-highest waterfall in Sri Lanka. It situates the Beragala-Wellawaya Road at the 206th km post.

Ella, Sri Lanka

Ella is a small town in Badulla surrounded by tea plantations, cloud forests, and misty hills, Sri Lanka.

Accommodations in Adisham Bungalow

As a visitor, you have a chance to spend an amazing night at Adisham Bungalow. The accommodation is available for 12 guests. The large rooms of the guest house are comfortable and have some of the best mountain views in Sri Lanka. If you plan to spend a holiday at Adisham, we advise you to book a room on weekdays. Make sure don’t expect hotel facilities there.

Adisham Bungalow Rooms

But they will provide the food (three main meals and afternoon tea), hot water facilities, blanket, bed-sheets and towels for you. Those are simple. But excellent. If you want to book Adisham Bungalow to spend your weekend, you can visit the Adisham Bungalow website.  If not, you can contact staff on the telephone. The Adisham Bungalow contact number is (+94)57-2268 030. Other than that, there are lots of hotels and guesthouses close to Adisham Bungalow. If you prefer to find accommodation close to Adisham, you can use booking websites to find the best hotels as you wish.

Photos of Adisham Bungalow

Adisham Bungalow
Adisham Bungalow
Adisham Bungalow
Adisham Bungalow
Adisham Bungalow Statue
Adisham Bungalow

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